Celebrating the Wonderful Volunteers at Holy Redeemer Parish

July 2, 2018

Volunteer Appreciation Bookmark

Holy Redeemer Parish is extremely blessed with many volunteers who kindly and willingly donate their time, talent, and treasures for the good of the Church and their fellow parishioners.

Everyone in the Church community has something to offer, from lay ministry and financial support, to working on volunteer committees and prayerful support.

Holy Redeemer is certainly happy with every parishioner who donates their time and effort in any way.

David and Betty LeClair

To show this appreciation, a Volunteer Appreciation Day was held at the Church on Sunday, May 27, 2018. The day included a Mass intended for all the volunteers and their families, and was gratefully celebrated by our Pastor, Rev. Dovari Joseph. It was followed by an Appreciation Lunch at the Jack Blanchard Center immediately following Mass. The Mass and the lunch were very well attended, and a token of appreciation was given to all volunteers in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the parish community.

David Arsenault

As another tribute to some of our volunteers, on Saturday, June 30, four couples were presented with Papal Blessings from Rome following Mass at 4 pm. The Mass was celebrated by Rev. Eric Dunn, former pastor of Holy Redeemer Parish, who worked with many of the volunteers who received the Papal Blessing.

Ernie and Kay Trainor

The four couples who received the Blessings were: Paul & Pam McKenna; David & Betty LeClair; David & Colleen Arsenault; and Ernie & Kay Trainor. The Blessings were handed out immediately following the Final Blessing of the Mass so that all parishioners could witness this wonderful occasion. Following the reception of the Blessings, there was cake and ice cream at the back of the Church for all to enjoy.

Paul and Pam McKenna

Holy Redeemer would like to thank all of our volunteers for all the time and effort spent in keeping our Church a vibrant and welcoming place for people to experience God and His love. As Rev. Eric said in his homily, there are too many volunteers to name individually, some in the spotlight and others behind the scenes working unnoticed. Truly we are blessed to be able to say such a thing. May God continue to bless all our volunteers with happiness and peace, now and always!