Catholic Faith Community Outreach

April 4, 2020

The Diocese of Charlottetown is making a concerted effort to reach out to people during these difficult times.

“I realize that people are frightened and feel isolated during this public health crisis”, stated Bishop Richard Grecco.  “In true Christian spirit, it is essential for us to reach out to each other and maintain a strong sense of community and spiritual support.”

Given that people cannot gather for prayer and worship, priests and laity are working hard to stay in touch electronically and/or offering services while maintaining the required social distancing.  For example, in Prince County, one of the Diocesan catechists is preparing and distributing a Power-Point presentation each week-end focusing on Scripture and related activities for families.

“I don’t want this health issue to keep us apart”, commented Michelle D’aoust.  “It is a challenge not gathering face-to-face with the children but we can still share faith with families although from a distance.”

Sister Sue Kidd and Lauren van Vliet at the Chaplaincy food bank. 

The Diocese continues to play an important role at UPEI through the Chaplaincy Centre.  Both Sister Sue Kidd, the Roman Catholic Campus Minister and her assistant Lauren van Vliet are helping to maintain the Chaplaincy food bank.  The University views the provision of basic food and toiletry items as an essential service for its students in their time of need.

“Eucharistic celebrations are the centre of our Catholic faith.  We have acted quickly to utilize the media to help our people through the prayers and message of Lenten celebrations”, offered Bishop Grecco.   “I am most pleased that in addition to Sunday Eucharist being televised on Eastlink Community TV, several pastors have taken the initiative to live-stream their Sunday celebrations over Facebook.”

In this time of the Covid-19 crisis, the Diocese of Charlottetown is encouraging people to stay connected.  For further information regarding parish services, people are invited to consult the Diocesan web-site: or their own parish web-site.