Bulletin Announcements September 20, 2020

September 18, 2020

Those interested in preserving the history and heritage of the early Catholic settlers, the creation of our diocese, the Island’s first bishop, Angus MacEachern and the historic site at St. Andrew’s are invited to become members of the Friends of St. Andrew’s Chapel. Our address is PO Box 1864, Charlottetown PE, C1A 7N5. For information you may contact 902 620 9336. The annual membership fee is $10.00 or $25.00 for family or $100.00 for life membership. Donations are tax deductible.

Past bequests continue to provide funding to assist our seminarians with their education as they prepare to become priests for our Diocese.  If you would like to help future Seminarian education and formation, please consider providing a Gift to your Parish or Diocese now or at estate planning time. Visit us at www.dioceseofcharlottetown.com and click on the “Planned Giving” quick link.

An email was sent to the priests on June 29th regarding dates for the National Collections.  Although the date given at that time for World Mission Sunday was October 25th, this was an error on the part of the CCCB National Office.   World Mission Sunday is in fact set for October 18th.  Those of you who wish to keep it on the 25th, however, are free to do so.

Inspired by the true story, the newly-released movie “Fatima” can be watched on-demand through Apple TV, YouTube, Bell, Rogers, and several other Canadian sources.   This highly acclaimed movie dramatizes the story of three young children and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearances to them in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.  In these apparitions, Our Lady asked them to pray the Rosary for the world and the conversion of sinners.  During the final apparition, tens of thousands of onlookers experienced the Miracle of the Sun, when the sun appeared to dance in the sky and at one point even plummet toward the earth before returning to its rightful place.   These miraculous events have been deemed by the Church as “worthy of belief” and the message of Fatima has continued to inspire many for over 100 years.    Go to www.fatimathemovie.com/more-ways-to-watch  for full list of providers.