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Bishop Richard Grecco

Bishop Richard Grecco

Bishop Richard Grecco’s Lenten Letter for 2019

Dear Father,

Attached is a very important moral position of the Catholic Bishops regarding federal foreign policy.

Please distribute this message in as effective a manner as you see fit for your own parish.   Here are two possibilities:

  1. Simply reproduce and insert in your bulletin.
  2. Simply reproduce and place multiple copies at the back of your Church and encourage people from your pulpit to take and read it.
  3. Publish it in three consecutive Sunday Bulletins  since it is basically structure around three central points and encourage people to read it and look forward to each publication.
  4. Promote it by reading parts  from the pulpit; post it in its entirety on your church bulletin board; and publish the CCCB website and the Diocesan Website where they can read it in its entirety.

I appreciate your cooperation on this important message which our Catholic faithful should know.

Bishop Richard

Political ideology cannot be allowed to dictate foreign policy


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Five Campaigns


Dear faithful of Prince Edward Island,

Below is a clear description of my position and the position of all the Bishops of Canada on the pending legislation on physician assisted suicide.

Please read the following message of Bishop Douglas Crosby.

I invite you to become better informed with the literature recommended and to actively share your concerns with your local Members of Parliament.
+ Bishop Richard Grecco.


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