A Shrove Tuesday Report from Walter Flynn

February 13, 2018

Men At Prayer

Our seminarian, Walter Flynn, sent this report this morning along with these photos.


Hi there!

Sorry I haven’t sent an update in a while.


We are nearing the halfway point of the semester (!!!).  Things have been going well.

We have slipped into the usual routine of school life: readings, papers, midterms, readings, readings….readings. You know how it is.

St. Augustine’s Seminary with a coat of snow.

The big news from TO is the unusual weather we’re having here. This thing called “snow”.

The North West Corner leading to the main entrance.

After three winters here, I really thought snow was not native to Toronto, but this year has been a banner year for it.

The streets of Scarborough can become Treacherous Under Foot

Even the locals are amazed.

In the Seminary, we have been busy preparing for Lent.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Last Monday (Feb 5), we had our Candlemas Holy Hour by candlelight.

Candlemas Prayers in the Seminary Chapel

Last night, we had our Winter 20-Decade Rosary with Adoration. We begin our Lenten Recollection on Friday, to be followed next week by Reading Week.

Reposition of the Eucharist

Pray for us as we enter the tricky part of the semester, when the papers, readings and exams really ramp up. I will be home by the end of April. I will be returning to work at the hospital again. Then I will start my year-long Internship somewhere. I’m looking forward to August when I will take a whole month off to rest and prepare, mentally and spiritually, for Internship.

Be assured of my prayers for all of you. Charlottetown Diocese is never far from my thoughts and never escapes my prayers. I’ll see you soon. — Walter