A Reason to Celebrate

August 11, 2021

August 11th marks the 192nd Anniversary of our beloved Diocese of Charlottetown! 

When the Diocese of Charlottetown was formed in 1829 its territory included not only P.E.I. but also the Magdalen Islands and New Brunswick.  

Before 1829,  the territory of present day P.E.I. formed part of the Diocese of Quebec which stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River!   

In 1842 New Brunswick became a diocese of its own and in 1946 the Magdalen Islands were transferred to the Diocese of Gaspé.    

From 1829 to the present, over 300 priests have served within the Diocese of Charlottetown.  

In addition, approximately 250 Island-born priests were ordained for service outside of P.E.I.  

More than 900 of our Island women became religious sisters in upwards of fifty religious orders throughout Canada, the United States and beyond, being involved with education, health care and a host of other services. 

Happy Anniversary!