A Poem Written for Fr. Charlie Cheverie

September 3, 2019

I wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote for our beloved Fr. Charlie. He profoundly touched the lives of my family, the Island and so many people.

Father Charlie…a blessing to all, Amazing Grace 💗💗💗

your heart’s music,

all embracing…kindness
God within, a kindred spirit

gifted teacher, tender compassion
charismatic treasure, divine radiance

glorifying God..with your every breath
words of wisdom, Heavenly guidance

wrapped in hugs, the song of our hearts
a delight to all…oh that ever playful spirit

the joy in each moment shared, instrumental grace
in, with and through faith…truly a steward of creation

light of God, always seen in your precious eyes and smile
a cherished handprint on our lives….ever near, always dear

Father Charlie…a blessing to all, Amazing Grace 💗💗💗

— Roseanne Mossey (September 3, 2019)