2018 Missionaries From the Diocese of Charlottetown

July 27, 2018





We are blessed with many young people from PEI who are working in Canada and around the world to bring Christ’s message to their own generation.


Here are seven of them:





Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant in Ireland

Hi, my name is Patrick Grant! After having spent a year with NET Ministries in Ireland, I feel God calling me back to Ireland to live in community with Holy Family Mission! For the next year I’ll be living as a student, diving deeper into the faith so I can carry on the fire of a missionary for the rest of my life!

With this group I will also get to do some outreach work in the diocese of Waterford and Lismore, such as retreat ministry, family ministry, and pro-life work! I’m so very excited to have this opportunity to learn and share the faith with the youth of Ireland!

If you’d like to sponsor me or want more information on Holy Family Mission, please contact me!

My email is patsthebunny@gmail.com.

The website for Holy Family Mission is www.holyfamilymission.ie   God bless!

Laura Mark

Laura Mark

I was born in Prince Edward Island as part of a loving family of four. I went to church on Sundays with my family, and to Catholic events with my friends, but my faith was never my own.

At a Steubenville conference, I heard a speaker say that Jesus saw my face when he was on the cross. I didn’t understand why God would care about someone unimportant like me. During adoration shortly afterwards, I had an experience where I heard God’s voice saying, “I love you, no matter what”. I had never felt this immense, powerful, and overwhelming sense of love and in that moment I said yes to Jesus’ love.

I first experienced CCO on the World Youth Day mission to Poland where I realized that CCO’s core values were also my core values. I came to know Christ by people investing in me, and this mirrored the missionary heart of the movement. And I truly believe universities are where we can leave the biggest impact!

I will be joining the team at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, this year as a campus missionary. I’m super excited to go out and meet the students that have fallen away from their faith and bring them back to the fullness of our faith.

ONGOING PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the students I will be reaching out to this year and for the success of my support raising this summer. Contact me by e-mail: laura.mark@cco.ca

Go to www.cco.ca to learn more about Catholic Christian Outreach.

Teresa Cheverie

Teresa Cheverie at the sea side in Vancouver.

My name is Teresa Chevarie, I am 20 years old and I am a parishioner at St. Dunstan’s Basilica Parish in Charlottetown. The past two years I have had the opportunity to serve with NET Ministries in both Ireland and in Canada, and this coming year I will be back in the beautiful green country of Ireland to work on mission staff in the NET office in county Donegal.

For my first year in Ireland, I was on a team which traveled around the country and put on multiple retreats in secondary schools, youth group nights, weekend retreats, and so much more. While serving in Canada, I was on a team working in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. When we first arrived most of our ministry was sticking our feet into the doors of different places, and by the end of the year our schedules have been booked up with constant back-to-back ministry to finish the year strong. We ran day retreats, weekend retreats, did school visits, helped out at conferences, played music for masses, ran youth nights, did host home ministry, and so much more. One of the many things I love about our ministry is that we get to build relationships with so many different people, we get to journey with them and see how much they grow.

Teresa Cheverie, NET Canada Official Portrait

Working with NET has given me so many opportunities that I would have never imagined myself doing. I have come to realize that people are so wonderful and so giving of themselves to make this mission possible! When it comes to my plan for the upcoming year, I want to be able to pass on the torch to the future missionaries. That being said, this year I will be working in a mission staff position which means that, along with the missionaries, I also rely on the generosity of others to make this possible. I can’t do this without spiritual and financial support. If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting me, you can contact me personally at teresachevarie@gmail.com or you can donate online at ministries.ie/donate (Make sure you put for Teresa Chevarie NET Ireland).

Thank you and God bless, Teresa Chevarie

Kristin Scott

Kristin Scott

Hello! I’m Kristin. I’m 19 years old, and I’m from the tiny community of Clyde River!  There, I grew up in a wonderful family of 10. The catholic faith was always a big part of my upbringing but it wasn’t until high school that I made my faith my own and dedicated my life to God. This life-changing decision has led me to youth groups, conferences, camps, amazing friends and, most recently to mission!

This will be my 2nd year serving as a missionary with NET Canada, the first having been on a school board team in Calgary, Alberta. Through my ministry in Calgary, what I enjoyed the most was witnessing our youth give God a chance in their lives. This was very fulfilling for me to see, and it planted a desire in my heart to continue in the effort to give youth the option to encounter Christ for as long as I can!

Other than NET, I pass my time by knitting, reading, chilling at the beach with my sister, or watching random ridiculous YouTube videos!  My email address is kristin14scott@gmail.com and you can find me on NET Canada’s website https://netcanada.ca/support-a-missionary/kristinscott2

Lucas Pollard

Lucas Pollard

Hello, my name Lucas and I live in Stratford.  I’m bilingual, in French and English, and I’m 18 years old. I enjoy playing basketball, playing catch with a Frisbee and simply being with friends. I love superhero movies or just plain action/adventure movies. I have three brothers and two sisters.


I began my journey into my faith 3 years ago, and learning and experiencing God’s grace gives me the desire to share it with everyone I meet!  I’m excited to share this experience with you! God bless! You can find me on NET Canada’s website –


Matthew Hebert

Matthew Hebert

Hello, My Name is Matthew Hebert from Summerside PEI, I’m an accountant by trade who currently works in payroll.  Some of my hobbies include reading, writing and graphic design. Aside from my work and hobbies I’m also a young Catholic revert, who after some time has come back to the Church and now have embraced God’s call to bring other youths closer to his most Holy Son as a NET Missionary for the 2018-19 Year!  As part of this work as a missionary I ask for your prayers during this endeavor and I also need to raise $6,500 to help cover training and expenses while I’m spreading the message of our Savior!  If you’d like to contact me I can be reached by email at mmhebert97@gmail.com or you can call/text me at 902-303-9976.  And if you’d like you can find out more at www.netcanada.ca!  God Bless!


Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown

Hello! My name is Jackson Brown. I am 19 years old and I’m a God-loving man from Summerside PEI. Currently I am a first year electrical apprentice and working full time in the trade. I am very excited to begin my NET adventure and do the work of our Lord. I enjoy all things music. I play guitar and love rock. My other passion, aside from music, is coffee. I am a master of the french press. If you can make a good cup of coffee then please share. The main reason I am doing NET is that I had a parish team at my parish for the past year and they have shown me a lifestyle and a love for God that I thirst for. God bless you all and I hope and pray that you will partner with me in changing the lives of the youth of Canada! I can be reached by email at  jacksonbrown2711@hotmail.com