10th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Giri Family from Bhutan

January 30, 2017

Saturday evening, January 28 in Cornwall at St. Francis of Assisi parish hall there was a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Bhutanese arriving on Prince Edward Island.

The parish community of St. Francis of Assisi sponsored the first refugee family, who arrived on December 29, 2006.  Since that time many other Bhutanese families have also come to our fair province.

The Honorable Richard Brown brings greetings for the Province

Mayor Minerva McCourt of the Town of Cornwall

Fr. John Lacey

At the celebration, Hon. Richard Brown, on behalf of the Province, Mayor Minerva McCourt on behalf of the Town of Cornwall, and Mr. Joe Byrne of behalf of the PEI Newcomers Association of Canada offered congratulations and best wishes to some 40-45 members of the Bhutanese community.

Madan Giri shares background information.

Madan Girii, oldest son of the first Bhutanese Family to come to Prince Edward Island, offered a brief history of their coming to PEI and offered thanks and appreciation to the parish community for all their care and support.

Group gathered for the event.

Mrs. Giri (Madan’s mother) is pictured here with one of her daughters and granddaughters.

Two daughters of the Giri family… Sarada and Tika holding her daughter Stella.

Sarada with her husband.

Sarada Giri, her niece Stella and Joe Byrne (representing the PEI Newcomers Association)

Some members of the Burmese Community during the formal presentation.

Nothing is complete without something to eat.

Ethnic Bhutanese food (vegetable samosas, puree a traditional bread, and cured chicken) was served for the enjoyment of over 85 people from the Bhutanese community and members of the St. Francis of Assisi parish community.

Smiles and Laughter Were Shared.

A Good Time was had by all.

These photos were taken by Martha Gabriel (on behalf of the Diocesan Communications Committee)